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Year 5 and 6 Football Trials

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On Monday 10th September 2018, football trials for the Year 5 and 6 football team will take place. If you are interested in trying out for the team, you will be called from your class in the morning and matches will take place. Letters will then be given out to those children who have successfully made it into both the boys and girls football team.

Good luck everyone!

Sports Assembly

Congratulations to all of the children who won awards yesterday during our Sports Assembly. These children have shown great resilience and determination throughout the year as well as displaying fantastic sportsmanship and, of course, sporting talent. Congratulations to all of the children who have represented Avenue in sporting events during this academic year – we have had a very successful year. Thank you to all of the sports captains for their hard work this year and for helping during the assembly. Good luck to our Year 6’s leaving tomorrow – we hope these sporting talents and passions continue to grow during your time at secondary school.

Borough Sports

Congratulations to all the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 children who attended the Borough Sports track events last week. Especially a huge congratulations to our girls who won overall!

Girls Results
Year 3 Sprint: 5th
Year 3 Relay: 3rd
Year 4 Sprint: 6th (heats)
Year 4 Relay: 5th (heats)
Year 5 Sprint: 1st
Year 5 Relay: 1st
Year 6 Sprint: 2nd
Year 6 Relay: 5th (heats)

Boys Results
Year 3 Sprint: 6th
Year 3 Relay: 5th
Year 4 Sprint: 5th (heats)
Year 4 Relay: 6th (heats)
Year 5 Sprint: 6th (heats)
Year 5 Relay: 5th (heats)
Year 6 Sprint: 1st
Year 6 Relay: 1st

Year 5 & 6 Girls Cricket County Finals

A huge well done to the Year 5 & 6 Girls Cricket team who competed at the Surrey County Final yesterday. The girls started the day incredibly, winning all their morning matches and therefore winning their group. In the afternoon they then went into the trophy round where they were up against the 5 other best schools in Surrey. Unfortunately the other teams had a lot more experience and they didn’t make it into the final. The walked away at the end of the tournament as the 5th best girls cricket team in Surrey – an achievement they should be very proud of! Two Surrey cricket coaches commented on the raw talent and skill of the girls as well as their positive and encouraging attitudes.

Swimming Gala

On Friday Miss Riches and Miss Connell took a team of 15 children to compete in the higher seeded swimming gala for Sutton. The children were excellent role models for the school and demonstrated a high level of sportsmanship throughout the evening. All of the children did brilliantly in their individual events. We were awarded 9 medals for individual events – including 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals!  Then came the team relays. Again, the children swam their best and had high spirits going into the final stages of the gala. The girls’ team won both of their relays (medley and freestyle) and the boys’ team  came 3rd in both of their relays. Then we had to wait for the final results! Overall the boys’ team came 4th and the girls’ team came 1st. Then they announced the overall winners. With an outstanding 11 point lead, it was announced that Avenue were the overall winners! Well done to everyone who swam in the gala as points from every event were included in the final result. Mia did a great job of being the swimming captain – thank you for supporting the team so well! Thank you to all of the parents who stayed and watched and cheered us on. ​

Medal winners:

Micky W- 2nd Y6 Boys Freestyle

Mia D – 1st Y6 Girls Freestyle

Max D – 3rd Y5 Boys Freestyle (swam up as he is in Y4)

Emily C – 1st Y6 Girls Breaststroke

Alexandre – 1st Y5 Boys Breaststroke

Dharshni – 3rd Y5 Girls Breaststroke

Donna – 1st Y6 Girls Backstroke

Gracie – 1st Y5 Girls Backstroke

Mia D – 2nd Girls Butterfly

Boys Open Medley – 3rd

Girls Open Medley – 1st

Boys Open Freestyle – 3rd

Girls Open Freestyle – 1st ​

Miss Connell and Miss Riches

Dance Festival

On Friday, Avenue took part in an exciting dance festival, where they were able to showcase their talents. There were lots of different schools performing and watching. The girls did an amazing job and we were very proud to see them confidently perform a fabulous routine in front of hundreds of children and adults. Thank you to Miss Austin for her great choreography and a big well done to all involved!

Cheam Cricket Club

As our attention turns to summer sports, we share with you Cheam Cricket Club.  Located in the heart of Cheam, this club offers training and matches for all ages and are hosting an open morning to allow you to have a taste of what they have to offer. If you are interested in cricket in anyway, this would be a great opportunity to see if this is the cricket club for you.

Sports Relief

On Friday, the whole school took part in a range of activities to raise the profile of the importance of sport as well as raise some money for an incredible charity. Firstly. the pupils and staff shared their experiences of sport by explaining the tops they were wearing and what local clubs and sport they represent. After that, the children took part in a range of events from dodgeball and rollball to obstacle course to  a ship-a-thon. The energy, effort and perseverance was fantastic from everyone who took part and it was brilliant to see smiley faces from everyone within the school.  Well done to everyone that took part and a massive congratulations for raising over £600 for Sports Relief!

Swimming Gala

On Friday 16th March we took part in a swimming gala at Westcroft Leisure Centre. Miss Riches and Miss Connell took a group of 16 pupils to the gala. The children entered for their individual events so some ending up competing against each other! For some children it was their first experience of a gala and they all did really well.  They behaved impeccably on the poolside for the duration of the gala (which ended up finishing very late) and cheered on the other children from Avenue. The results were split into A, B and C grades based on the times they achieved in their heats. The top three times in each category won medals. Well done to all of the swimmers who took part and represented the school!

Lucila – 3rd Y4/5 Breastroke (A grade)

Darshni – 1st Y4/5 Breaststroke (B grade)

Sophie – 1st Y4/5 Breaststroke (C grade)

Gracie – 3rd Y4/5 Backstroke (A grade)

Donna – 2nd Y4/5/6 Butterfly (A grade)

Emily – 1st Y6 Breaststroke (B grade) ​

Mia – 2nd Y6 Freestyle (A grade)

Mia – 2nd Y6 Backstroke (B grade)

Mia – 2nd Y6 Breaststroke (A grade)