Monthly Archives: October 2013

Cycling to School

Year 6 children who cycle to school your own must wear a helmet and have already passed their cycling proficiency test.

Other year groups can cycle to school but must have a parent/carer supervising them and also must wear a helmet.

Year 5 will have the opportunity to take the cycling proficiency test in the summer term.

Many Thanks!

Girl’s Football

The ‘A’ squad played their first friendly match of the season last Tuesday against Cheam Park Farm Juniors.

CPF took the lead in the first half, but after some great play Alexandrina (Yr6) shot from just inside the box to take the scores level.

In the second half, Avenue looked the stronger team and had plenty of opportunities. A great break saw Tiya (Yr5) through on goal and she carefully placed the ball into the bottom corner.

CPF pushed all their players up the pitch and made a few substitutions. One of their subs scored with minutes to spare.

It was a great start of the season and we look forward to a 7 a-side rematch on Tuesday 1st October at home.

Score: 2 – 2

Goals: Alexandrina & Tiya

Player of the match: All Year 5 Girls