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District Sports: Avenue Champions again!

Today, 32 children from Year’s 3-6 went to the Sutton Arena to represent the school in the Sutton School’s District Sports. There were some brilliant performances notably: Jaeda and Josh (Year 5) and Jodie and Davis (Year 6) who all finished in the top 3 for their age. All the relay teams performed brilliantly, many finishing on the podium, and well done to all those involved from Year 3, who had never been to the event before. Due to the consistency of our results, across all year groups, Avenue finished the event as overall winners! Once again, a huge congratulations to everyone involved.

Photo 2016-06-09 16-48-27_3 Photo 2016-06-09 16-48-26_1 Photo 2016-06-09 16-48-46_4

Euro 2016 Class Draws

As the European Football Championships are starting tomorrow, we held a draw to see which team each class (or year group) is following.

Euro 2016 Classes and teams

Classes will spend a bit of time focusing on their chosen country and, if possible, watch games and some of the highlights.

You can keep up to date with the Championships via the UEFA and BBC Euro 2016 pages.

Euro 2016 img