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Sports Assembly 2016

On Monday, Avenue held its annual Sports Assembly, where we celebrated all the school’s sporting achievements. A big well done to everyone who represented the school; we had a fantastic year!

Below are photos of all the successful teams and individual awards:

Athletics ‘Most Improved Athlete’ – Chikeru.

Most Improved Athlete

Cross Country ‘Runner’s of the Year’ – Y4 Katie and Alex, Y5 Jess and Hayden, Y6 Jodie and Tom.

Cross Country Awards

Cross Country Borough Champions 2016.

Cross Country Team

‘Swimmer of the Year’ – Lily.

Swimmer of the Year

Avenue Swimming Squad 2016.

Swimming Team

Cricket ‘Most Improved Player’ – Isabella and Giorgio and ‘Player of the Year’ – Saigon and Akarsh.

Cricket Awards

Tag Rugby ‘Most Improved Player’ – James and ‘Player of the Year’ – Max.

Tag Rugby Awards

Netball ‘Most Improved Players’ – Maisie H and Aaraniya, ‘Players of the Year’ – Natasha and Isabelle and netball captains Maisie W and Livia.

Netball Awards

Year 6 Boys’ Football ‘Top Goalscorer’ – Davis, ‘Most Improved Player’- Leo and ‘Player of the Year’¬†–¬†Harvey.

Year 6 Boys Football Awards

Year 5 Boys’ Football ‘Most Improved Player’ Charlie and ‘Player of the Year’ – Luke.

Year 5 Boys Football Awards

Year 5 Boys’ Borough Cup Runners Up Football Team.

Year 5 Boys Football Team

Year 5/6 Girls’ Football ‘Goalkeeper of the Year’ – Catherine, ‘Top Goalscorer’ – Cerys, ‘Year 5 Most Improved Player’ – Elouise, ‘Year 5 Player of the Year’ – Storm, ‘Year 6 Most Improved Player’ – Ellie and ‘Year 6 Player of the Year’ – Livia.

Year 5&6 Girls Football Team Awards

Year 5/6 Girls’ Football Team – Sutton League Winners, Sutton Cup Winners and Tournament Champions.

Girls Football Team


Year 5 & 6 Sports Day 2016

On Thursday, Year 5 and 6 competed in their sports day. There were lots of great performances and well done to everyone who took part. Many thanks to the parents who came to support their children. The racing was really impressive and we also saw some great triple jumping and shot putting!

In the Sprint Finals racing was really close, results are below:

Year 5 Girls: 3rd- Alex D, 2nd- Sophia, 1st-Jaeda.

Year 5 Boys: 3rd-Bradley, Joint 1st- Jonathan S. & Josh F.

Year 6 Girls: 3rd-Isabelle, 2nd-Jodie, 1st-Kiana.

Year 6 Boys: 3rd-Chikeru, 2nd-Tom, 1st-Davis.

The final results were as follows:

4th place: Yellow House (1007 points)

3rd place: Green House (752 points)

2nd place: Red House (629 points)

1st place: Blue House (468 points)

Well done to Blue House on winning the event!

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