Monthly Archives: October 2016

Cross Country League

Last week the members of the Cross Country Team took part in the first event of the new league at Woodmansterne Primary School. The whole team put in a huge amount of effort and all four of the races were very exciting.

The results have just been sent out to the schools taking part and Avenue are in 1st place!  These points will go towards the next two events that take place in February and March.

Well done to all involved and thanks to everyone who came to support. A great start to the cross country season!

Result Table –¬†Sutton Schools Event 1 of 3 (Autumn)

WP_20161012_001 WP_20161012_002 WP_20161012_003 WP_20161012_004 WP_20161012_005 WP_20161012_006 WP_20161012_007 WP_20161012_008 WP_20161012_009


Boys’ Football

The year 5 Football Team kicked off their season with a thrilling draw in a friendly against Cheam Common last week. The match ended 5 – 5. Both teams will meet in the 1st Round of the Year 5 Sutton and Cheam Cup so that should be another great game!

WP_20161005_002WP_20161005_004 WP_20161005_005

The Year 6 Team played in the 1st Round of the Sutton and Cheam Cup on Friday against St Cecilia’s. Avenue won the game 5 – 2. A fantastic result and the boys were helped by a lot of cheering and support on the sideline… especially from the children at After School Club.

WP_20161007_007 WP_20161007_008 WP_20161007_009

Sport Leaders

This years Sports Leaders have now been announced and have their new purple badges. You will see all them on a the playgrounds soon taking charge of games and activities.

WP_20161004_007 WP_20161004_008 WP_20161004_009