Netball Autumn Term League Update

The year 5/6 netball team have been playing really well together this term. We were due to play 5 matches over the term. Unfortunately, 2 of the matches were cancelled. Well done to all of the players who have been involved in any of the matches this term! Thank you to Emily and Riya (our captains) who have helped to organise the teams in preparation for the matches.
18th October – match cancelled 
1st November – Robin Hood Juniors (away) 
Our first match was against Robin Hood Juniors on the 1st November. Both teams played really well together considering it was the first time they had all played together in a match. Unfortunately, the Green Team lost 6-1 but the girls fought well until the end of the match and didn’t give up. The Blue Team also tried really hard but lost 3-0.
8th November – Abbey Primary (home) 
For our second match we played Abbey Primary at home. Playing at home must have given the team a boost as the Green Team won their match 5-2. Well done to the team for persevering until the end of the match. The team used some sneaky bounce passes to get around the defenders, which definitely helped us to take an early lead! The Blue Team drew their match 0-0.
15th November – match cancelled 
22nd November – Westbourne (home)
For our final league match this term, we played Westbourne at home. The Green Team played extremely well and it was a really close game up until the last few minutes of the second half. The final score was 4-1 to Westbourne. The Blue Team worked hard as a team and ended the first half 4 goals up! The final score was 4-3 to Avenue.