Borough Sports

Congratulations to all the Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 children who attended the Borough Sports track events last week. Especially a huge congratulations to our girls who won overall!

Girls Results
Year 3 Sprint: 5th
Year 3 Relay: 3rd
Year 4 Sprint: 6th (heats)
Year 4 Relay: 5th (heats)
Year 5 Sprint: 1st
Year 5 Relay: 1st
Year 6 Sprint: 2nd
Year 6 Relay: 5th (heats)

Boys Results
Year 3 Sprint: 6th
Year 3 Relay: 5th
Year 4 Sprint: 5th (heats)
Year 4 Relay: 6th (heats)
Year 5 Sprint: 6th (heats)
Year 5 Relay: 5th (heats)
Year 6 Sprint: 1st
Year 6 Relay: 1st