B Team v Cheam Park Farm

The ‘B’ Team football match was played against Cheam Park Farm, we started the game strong with a great formation. After much determination, excellent teamwork and an aggressive attack, we were able to open the scoring up. A strike by Eben gave us a 1-0 lead. Over the next few minutes we looked like the stronger side with attempts coming from Eben, Charlie and Peter. Caught off guard, Cheam Park Farm were able to counter attack and equalise. We were relieved to hear the half time whistle and regroup. After an inspiring half time talk from Mr Brown, we came back and attacked. Again looking like the stronger side, we continued to attack but again were caught on the counter attack. We conceded another goal going 2-1 down. With the final whistle approaching, we needed to score and quickly. Some clever substitutions found Kia’a playing upfront and with seconds to spare Charlie was able to even the scores. 2-2. As Cheam Park Farm kicked off, the final whistle blew. We had managed to find a draw against a very competent side.