Sporting Heroes

This week is Mr Baldock’s sporting hero: Paul Sackey

From an early age, I always loved watching rugby on the telly with my dad. It wasn’t until 2006 that this passion really grew, when I saw an old neighbour playing rugby for England against none other than the might All Blacks.

When I was a boy, I used to play football in my garden with my older brothers and our neighbour’s sons. Paul Sackey was my neighbours son, he was amazing at football and was playing for his school rugby team at the time.

After being scouted at school, Paul went on to play at London Wasps youth team followed by London Irish and then he moved back to the Wasps senior team before going to France to play. Paul made the most of every opportunity to keep fit but also has a sense of humility. He never had the biggest ego and treated everyone with respect (even me as a boy). For the fact he was a genuine character and never lost sight of where he had come from, he is my sporting hero.

Paul Sackey's rugby workout | Coach

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